Founder's Story

In my 20s, my legs stopped working and I became bedridden. I had developed a severe, incurable autoimmune conditionI was still young but felt old and exhausted. 

I spent the next seven years putting my biochemistry background to good use. I poured over more than 500 medical articles in search for a solution. That's how I learned that certain fiber-rich whole plant foods can revitalize the body's microbiome.

I changed my diet and soon I could walk again (with a cane). A year later, I began lifting weights. And now I run! 
The FDA has labeled fiber one of the top "nutrients of concern".  Americans don't get enough of it.  And yet, it can transform your health. 

This is why I created The FYBR Project. Through this project, our team is committed to making natural fiber-rich foods accessible to help you get stronger from the inside. We want you to live longer and better. 

Karina Lorenzo
Founder, The FYBR Project